The company

“Hasan Holding” LLC currently has several areas of activity. And one of them is Aluminum and Glass Systems. In 2006, began the processing of aluminum systems, iron construction systems, heat capacity glass processing,

and PVC door and window processing in Baku in 13000 sq.m open and 7000 sq.m closed area on PCV and Glass systems. Our company, which prefers quality since the date of establishment, has created powerful contacts with the leading aluminum companies of the world.

Our firm, which has the latest technology complying with the requirements of continuously changing world standards, different regional properties and customer requirements, also has signed a number of projects in Baku.

The company has production and mounting power meeting all the requirements of the region with its architects, engineers and technical equipments. The computer-aided machinery established in our company by Elumatech and Schueco, experienced, skillful staff allows timely implementation of production with minimum defects.

We are currently in cooperation with several companies of the world. We are working with Schueco of Germany, Alumil of Greece, Asash – Rescara of Turkey in aluminum profile systems, Shishejam and Starjam of Turkey, Guardian of Germany in glass systems, Mitsubishi Alpolic of Japan in composite panel systems, GEZE and DORMA of Germany in photocell and the revolving door system, and TECHNONICOIL of Russia in the field of isolation materials.