Suggestion and Sale
Our company sells out its products on the basis of offers. Proposals are being developed in the project related to the climatic conditions of the region, usage purpose, necessary heat and heat transmission values, height, glass characteristics and constructive transmission systems. First criterion in the presentation of products profile relevant to the project and is to inform the customer in the selection of details. In order to deliver our activities to the customers, we participate in the regional exhibitions, update our site continuously and prefer the advertisement. We have sustainable relationship with the partner companies to meet the customer's requirements.

Our company uses procurement department for the fulfillment of production period and work delivery within the mentioned program, for the provision of materials in internal and external markets in accordance with the necessary quality norms. For this reason, we try to present our customers qualitative and economic complying with the project.

Project and Design
Our company gives great importance to professional human capacity in order to keep pace with the rapidly changing world standards. Our biggest support while working with the materials with approved quality, is our technical staff capable of submitting project details to the customers and always keeping the quality at the highest level. In all our projects, region-specific static and heat transmission values have been calculated and after the details complying to the project has been has been submitted to the customer, and getting their approval, production and mounting works begin to proceed.

Our Company has four big manufacturing plants on Glass, Aluminum, Composite and Metal Construction. Computer-controlled CNC and other cutting and connecting machines allow the production to be excellent and fast. Due to experienced employees and technical engineers.

Mounting of the materials within the period specified in the project, with adequate quality and conditions, is performed under the control of our Architects and engineers. Preparation of the production, submission of necessary details to the customer before the production, transportation and protection of the materials are included in this department. Maximum use of technology and promotion with full coordination and without a problem and timely delivery is our main purpose. Due to the superiority of the project, coordination is also different